No outside food, desserts, beverages, candles, balloons, or sparklers are allowed, regardless of the special occasion that brings you in!

Important: If a date or time is not available when making reservations, then we do not have availability for that section (dining room, bar lounge, or patio) on that date. It is not a mistake: we're either full or the section is reserved for a private party, ticketed concert, etc.

Lunch Menu: Monday to Saturday 11am to 4pm

Dinner Menu: Monday to Saturday 4pm to close; Sundays 2pm to close

Brunch Buffet Only: Sundays 10am - 2pm (menu ordering not available during brunch)

Please make reservations below:

When: Tuesdays - games start at 6:30 pm 

Cost: About $20 for a pack of 10 cards, you can purchase more packs or just individual game sheets from the Bingo caller. 

Who Runs & Benefits from Bingo: Lakeville North High School Hockey Association

Where: Bar Lounge, Dining Room, or Patio - the decision will be made around 5:30 pm by the manager on duty at THAT time. Please don't email ahead about the location, we don't know it yet.

If it's nice enough, it will be on the patio, 

If not nice, and a lot of people show up, it will be in the dining room

If not, it will be in the bar lounge.

Any reservation on a Tuesday evening will get you a seat for Bingo.

What is the Ball Count: We don't know.

Free music will be held in the dining room, bar lounge or patio... depending on weather, how busy it gets and whatever else is going on that day. The manager on duty will decide where the music is just before it starts. Please make a dinner reservation in any available section... as we don't know yet where it will be held.

Ticketed shows will be held in the dining room and occasionally on the patio.  Show tickets are also your dinner seat reservations.  Seating times are 5:30pm, 6:00pm, and 6:30pm (unless otherwise indicated on the show listing). Unless you buy 4 or 8 tickets, you may be seated with others at the same table.

If you already have some tickets and want more tickets, and also want to be seated together, please buy all tickets under the same name, and we will TRY to seat you all together, or close to each other, IF we can.

Please buy tickets from the show listings on the Music & Shows page and save the confirmation email as that is the ticket.

To change or cancel a reservation you have to 

1. Either find the email confirmation you received from Table Agent 

2. Or go to and log in

Just so you know, we have 2 kinds of ticketed shows:

A. Chart House Live, organized & produced by Mick Sterling Presents. 

Questions about tickets:

Their website:

B. In-house, organized & produced by us, the restaurant. 

These tickets are non refundable: shows are very expensive and time consuming to curate and refunding tickets is not feasible. All the ticket money, and often more than the ticket money, goes to the musicians. If you can't attend, you get to feel good that you are a patron of the arts! :)  You may give your tickets to someone else if you cannot attend.  If the show is cancelled you will be refunded automatically.  

Please try to use the Table Agent system first. If that does not work for you, you can email us and we'll get back to you, maybe, if we ever find the time. I know, terrible customer service. The problem is no one wants the phone answering job in a restaurant. We have AI answering which is sometimes helpful and often annoying: have fun with that! (it's very artificial, and not very intelligent but it can text you links to various parts of the website)